Learning Materials


Tools: Genially, Canva

Title: Insurance 101 Spin the Wheel

Production Time: Two days

Client: Medical Center and Clinic Network

My Role:  Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Graphic Designer

Context: My role includes designing onboarding training for a medical center's clinic network. Basic knowledge of healthcare insurance is a requirement of some medical center and clinic network staff during onboarding and as continuing education.

Challenge: When making appointments for patients, staff are required to input patients’ insurance coverages and then verify that those coverages are contracted and in network. Less-than-perfect call audits identified that an Insurance 101 refresher was one step toward improving call audit scores. Insurance coverages input or processed incorrectly can result in claims not being honored by insurance companies, and ultimately lost revenues for the organization. Conversations with new staff indicate they sometimes get overwhelmed by the large amount of training content, and they report not being able to remember everything, such as processing healthcare insurances correctly.

Solution:  This brain boost, or micro learning, doubles as a knowledge check and is just one of several micro learnings, created to reinforce onboarding training. Micro learnings are scheduled to be distributed to staff via the call center's internal network at 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week intervals after completion of onboarding training. 

This micro learning is based on a Genially template that I edited to accommodate the content, a revised point system, and inclusion of prizes. Questions and answers align with the Insurance101 learning objectives.

Result: Clinic Network management and staff indicate the regular drip of training content via brain boosts is helping to build confidence and performance when processing patients' insurance coverages.