Instructor-led Training (ILT)

PowerPoint_soft skills that matter to job seekers


Tools: PowerPoint

Title: Soft Skills That Matter (ILT)

Production Time: One week

Client: WorkForce (fictitious client)

My Role:  Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Content Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

Context: WorkForce is a division of the Employment Security Department of Washington State. They connect job seekers with employers and offer hiring events and training.

Challenge: Job seekers must be aware of the soft skills employers are currently looking for so these skills can be added to their resumes, elevator speeches, and mentioned when interviewing, if applicable. The challenge is that many job seekers are not fully aware of their strongest soft skills nor how to determine what the soft skills they possess.  Soft skills matter to employers, so they should equally matter to job seekers and employees, whether or not an employee identifies as a job seeker. Each year the National Association of Colleges and Employers  surveys employers throughout the USA to determine the attributes employers value most in their employees and job candidates. This course presents the top 20 attributes revealed in the  2021 survey results and emphasizes that the majority of these attributes are soft skills.

Solution: This instructor-led course explains the differences between hard and soft skills, reviews the top 20 skills revealed in an 2021 employer survey, informs job seekers to include soft skills on their resumes and in elevator speeches, and to also mention them when interviewing. 

Result: Job seekers know some ways to determine their own soft skills, how to develop them, and have gained confidence to speak about their skills.