Learning Materials


Tools: Canva

Title: Celebrate Earth Day!

Production Time: One day

Client: Rocky Reach Conservatory (fictitious client)

My Role:  Graphic Designer

Context: Rocky Rocky Conservatory is located in Rocky Reach, Montana. Its mission is to, not only protect and preserve the natural habit within its borders so native flora and fauna can thrive, but to educate the public about conservation. Visitor attractions include dedicated picnic areas, interpretive trails, nature trails, and educational events for all ages.

Challenge: Rocky Rocky Conservatory asked for a 2-sided infographic that would appeal to most and one that could accomplish three things: 1) raise awareness that Earth Day is an annual event; 2) offer ideas everyone can do to help conserve and preserve natural habitats; and 3) drive people to their website.

Solution: This 2-sided infographic was created using bright greens that align with Rocky Reach Conservatory's brand and incorporating the Conservatory's mascot, Rocky the Racoon. The picnic scene on side 1 reflects the Conservatory's picnic area, while side 2 reflects a natural land bridge dividing two bodies of water in the Conservatory. Side 2 lists six things many area residents and visitors can safely practice in their own communities. The infographics are displayed in several local establishments catering to tourists and locals, schools, rest areas, and the Conservatory's visitor center.

Result: The Conservatory admin team reports an uptick in website traffic and has received inquiries about upcoming Earth Day events.