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Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, WellSaid Labs

Title: Interview Preparation -- Travel Time

Production Time: Two weeks

Client: Consultant for University of Texas/School of Health Professions

Collaborators: IDOL Academy

Challenge: Students of the respiratory therapy program at University of Texas are nearing graduation and preparing for their first job interviews as a respiratory therapists. For many graduates, this will be there first job interview ever, as they have not worked before. There are many preparations students must learn, but this lesson focuses on preparing one's travel time to the interview.

Solution: A light-hearted lesson was chosen to help alleviate some stress that many of the students were feeling about their upcoming interviews. In this lesson, a respiratory therapist, named Nicole and clothed in a white lab coat, appears throughout the lesson as if she is facilitating. The voiceover is a script narrated through WellSaid Labs. The main character, Ron, is depicted as a respiratory therapist student who is preparing for his first job interview. An action, music video features different characters demonstrating potential snafus to that could impede Ron's travel to his interview. The point being that Ron forgot to properly prepare his travel time. Multiple delays in Ron's travel cause him to not only arrive to his interview disheveled and late, but he finds that the interviewers' office is closed.

Result: While not graded nor required, this lesson reinforces the need to prepare for an interview to any job seeker. An Interview Preparation Checklist consisting of nine action items is available in the lessons Resources for students to download.