Tools: Vyond, Audacity, Canva, PowerPoint

Title: How to Pack Like a Pro

Time in Development: Three months.

Stats: 17 minutes 37 seconds; 166 scenes; 230+ graphics

Client: Meg Ramey, owner of WorldKind Learning, WorldKind Journeys, and WorldKind Design

My Role: eLearning Developer, Content Editor, Graphic Designer, Instructional Design Assistant

Collaborators: Meg Ramey (client), plus coaches, mentors and peers at IDOL courses Academy

Context: WorldKind designs European travel experiences to individuals, universities, churches, and other groups. They offer online, in-person, and on-the-ground learning experiences in European and Middle Eastern locations.

Challenge: As travelers prepare for their trip abroad, they often have questions about packing fearing they might over pack, under pack, or simply pack the wrong items.

Solution: WorldKind compiled commonly-asked questions and chose to package their expert advice into a 4-step animated video series. WorldKind's animated character, Layla, personalizes the viewing experience as she happily greets viewers and demonstrates best practices of packing like a pro.

Result: Travelers who successfully complete the four-animated video series have the knowledge of packing for international travel and are better prepared to pack like a pro when traveling abroad. This was my first Vyond project, and I gladly accepted the opportunity to learn Vyond skills. I applied Mayer's12 Principles of Multimedia and earned a Vyond badge from IDOL courses Academy.