Learning Materials

Infographic: Create a 30- to 60-second Elevator Speech in 3 Steps


Tools: Canva

Title: Create a 30 to 60-second Elevator Speech in 3 Steps

Production Time: One week

Client: WorkForce (fictitious client)

My Role: Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Content Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

Context: WorkForce is a division of the Employment Security Department of Washington State. They connect job seekers with employers and offer hiring events and trainings.

Challenge: The challenge is to show job seekers that creating an elevator speech can be less daunting if broken into 3 steps.

Solution: Providing an job aid to job seekers offers a quick reference to follow when creating an elevator speech. This job aid supplements an elearning course explaining how to create an effective 30- to 60-second elevator speech in 3 steps.

Result: Whether job seekers complete the elearning course or not, job seekers who complete the three steps listed in this job aid are better prepared to present a positive self image to their professional networks and prospective hiring managers. When delivering an elevator speech, job seekers are able to explain their expertise and the value they can bring to an employer.