Learning Materials


Tools: Genially, Canva

Title: F3 Navigating the Hotlist

Production Time: Two days

Client: Healthcare Call Center

My Role:  Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Graphic Designer

Context:  My role includes designing onboarding training for a healthcare call center. When taking calls, call center staff are required to reference a database, known as the Hotlist, every time a caller mentions a symptom. Staff are required to use the F3 key to search the Hotlist and efficiently identify the correct protocol for the caller's symptom(s). Staff are not allowed to rely on their memory, as the Hotlist protocols frequently change

Challenge: The call center identified that within the first few weeks on the job, new call center staff may not be using the F3 key consistently. This can result in following incorrect protocols. End-of-course evaluations and conversations with new call center staff indicate they sometimes get overwhelmed by the large amount of training content, and they report not being able to remember everything, like using the F3 key, consistently.

Solution:  This interactive job aid is just one of several "brain boosts," or micro learnings, created to reinforce onboarding training.  Brain boosts are scheduled to be distributed to staff via the call center's internal network at 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week intervals after completion of onboarding training. 

This brain boost is based on a Genially template that I edited to accommodate the content and story. It includes three scenarios that follow a story and are scaffolded in their complexity. 

Result: The data-collection process to measure use of the F3 key will consist of call audits and observations. Staff indicate the regular drip of training content will be helpful.